About Alexander “Akso” Rojas

Alexander Rojas (born January 28 1986), commonly known as Akso Rojas, is a fiction/comedy writer. He resides in Makati, Philippines.


Rojas, born of Filipino descent, is a native of Makati City. He finished his primary schooling at Pembo Elementary School where he was awarded Poet of the Year in 1999 after winning a National Capital Region-wide poetry writing contest. He then went to Benigno Aquino High School where he became the literary editor (2002-2003) of Ang Haraya, the campus-wide official newspaper. During those years, he was also the literary editor of Lingap: Munting Tinig ng YECS, the school’s business newspaper.

During his tertiary years, he went to Polytechnic University of the Philippines where he became a writer for Memorabilia, the university’s official yearbook publication. He took up Office Administration from 2004 through 2007. He later took up Post Baccalaureate in Information Technology in PUP – Open University in 2014.

Book Cover for Emotions

In 2009, he won BlogSikat (lit. translated to BlogFamous) in Saranggola Blog Awards where his article, “Bakit Mas Mahaba ang Kay Kuya(trans. How Come Brother has Longer) garnered 400+ comments. He is one of the co-authors of Emotions (ISBN 978-971-95014-0-4) published in 2011 under Isshin Dream Publishing. Emotions is a collections of short stories about human sentiments and feelings.

From 2009 through 2013, he was a staffer of e-Ditions, the e-Data Philippines‘ official newsletter.

Busyok Comics

Rojas is the inspiration in one of Eli Avellanoza‘s characters in his Busyok comic series (see also Blographics, Busyok Info, Busyok – Akso). The fictional character Akso (originated from Rojas’ internet alias) also wears eyeglasses.

Rojas met Avellanoza in 2009 at Saranggola Blog Awards and the two has been friends since then.


Ax Realm (former: axrealm.com) is Rojas’ erstwhile website which is now transferred to a WordPress platform. This website was nominated for Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2009. He has maintained this website from 2009 through 2016.

Walang Internet

Akso Rojas is the founder of Walang Internet, loosely translates to “No Internet” in Filipino, a literary folio that incorporates Filipino subculture and life in the Philippines using comedic theme. The website was first published in January 2016.

Plag, An Information Sharing App

He is currently the Administrator for Plag areas namely Flash Fiction, Celestial Objects, Arthropoda, Typoetry, Cyberpunk and Mecha, and Today I Ate. Plag is an information network app where users are free to share their ideas and thoughts. Each card expires after the seventh day of publishing it into the world. The cards are then archived in the user’s card deck.

Obscure Gentlemen

Rojas is currently one of the contenders for The Obscure Gentlemen’s podcast contest named Obscure For A Penny Zero: The End.